Friday, October 07, 2016

The Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern

On our way to the Tate Modern via the Millennium Bridge
on Wednesday, we came through a beautiful glass & steel
Underground station.
The Tate Modern Museum was once a power plant, and therefore is
characterized by its huge smokestack. Foreground: the Millennium Bridge.
The Millennium Bridge crosses the Thames directly in front of the Tate Modern. It became especially famous in 2000 when it was first built, because structural uncertainties threatened it with self-destruction from vibrations. The actual bridge was fixed, but the Death Eaters in Harry Potter later actually did vibrate it out of existence!

From the Millennium Bridge you can see several bridges along the Thames. The Tower Bridge is against the horizon here.
Saint Paul's is opposite the Tate Modern (which would have been behind me when I took this photo.)
Above London: here are several views from the top of a recent addition to the Tate Modern:
From the addition to the Tate Modern, you can look down
at the Millennium Bridge and over to the smokestack of the old power plant.

A modern building nicknamed "The Shard."
My friend looking past the Tate smokestack to several other modern buildings on the horizon.
After taking in the views of London from the platform of the Tate addition, which just opened in June, we spent several hours inside the museum, which will provide me with material for future blog posts. Especially notable was a special exhibit of works by Georgia O'Keeffe.


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Jeanie said...

I'd love to see the O'Keeffe exhibition! Looks like a wonderful time!