Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Connemara

Beautiful smoked salmon plate at the Cashel Hotel on our day trip yesterday.
(Not the same Cashel as the famous Rock of Cashel.)
Scenes from the very picturesque and heavily ornamented hotel and its mossy gardens:

Bench where Charles DeGaulle liked to sit during his stay at this hotel,
where he hid out immediately after being deposed as President
of France over 50 years ago.
Other scenes as we drove around the area:

Seals come into the little bays.

Outside a food stall.


Tina said...

How we love Ireland, but it's been years for us since we have travels there. That's a nice hotel except for those dolls. I don't why but they creep me out. The countryside has a lot of appeal and I found the people there friendlier than any other place we have traveled.

Claudia said...

We so enjoyed our visit to Ireland, and made a point of staying in converted older homes or hotels with some history. Looks like you're having a lovely visit.

Nan said...

Fascinating about the bench!!!

Carole said...

Love that scenery. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Beth F said...

So pretty!

Linda said...

Looks beautiful. I'd love to go there.