Friday, October 28, 2016

The Great Pumpkins

Our neighborhood is AGAIN home to two huge and wonderful jack-o-lanterns. The biggest one this year is over 1700 pounds. When I stopped by to photograph them, Jeff, from Greenwheel Lawn Care was raking leaves next door, and agreed to be in the photo to give an idea of the size. This is a great coincidence -- he also posed with the great pumpkins last year because he was also raking there.

Though the pumpkins are heavier this year, they are much plumper -- so not as tall as last year.

Jeff with one of this year's pumpkins. He is 5'10" for comparison.
Both pumpkins in the glorious October sunshine.
I believe that this is actually the heavier of the two pumpkins. The "little" pumpkin would not seem small anywhere else!
The beautifully raked yard next door, with its own Halloween decor.
Jeff and his staff do a wonderful job on our yard too!
The giant Jack-o-Lanterns from last year: taller but not as fat.
Jeff was actually a bit shorter than the pumpkin then.
Six years ago: not nearly as big!  
Our backyard glows with morning sunshine, but I'm afraid this tree will soon drop its leaves.


Tamara said...

We dont do Haloween so much here in Aus.. and I've never seen a pumpkin that big!! Are they special breeds or just feed hormones??

Mae Travels said...

I'm not sure about the pumpkins' ancestry -- I think they save the seeds from the biggest ones each year, and also take special pains in how they grow them. I believe each year 's pumpkins at this house are from the same farmer who is trying for a record, though I read that the biggest this year was from the East Coast and weighed over a ton.

Jeanie said...

Unbelievable! You'd practically have to crawl in to carve it out!