Saturday, October 01, 2016

Natural Bridge at Ross and the Lighthouse

The last remaining natural bridge at Ross, County Clare, Ireland. 
We were looking for birds. The weather was too good (!) for sea birds to be close in, but we saw this red-billed chough,
a type of corvid.
The working lighthouse at Loop Head near the bridges of Ross.

The light, which works all the time. 
The old clockwork mechanism that kept the lenses circulating and
signaling from the lighthouse from the 1850s until 1971,
when electricity replaced the mechanism and the Kerosene lamp.
Views from the lighthouse:

The bottom of the circular stairway.

Still a beautiful day -- this is Arny and Tracy's living room.


Olga said...

It looks like Ireland is as green and beautiful as everyone says. So how is the food?

Olga said...

Ireland looks green and beautiful. How is the food?