Monday, October 03, 2016


You can recognize this icon in London,
where I walked this afternoon, after a flight from Shannon Airport to

Victoria and Albert Museum Courtyard.

In the Victoria and Albert museum, we spent most of our time in the Asian art sections. A few highlights of many beautiful and fascinating objects:
China, Sui Dynasty (581-618). Statue of a foreigner.
Japan: Nō Masks.
Left: A young nobleman (2000)
Right: A female demon (1650-1750) 
Ottoman Carpet (about 1500)

Dinner with our friends at Rules Restaurant near Convent Garden, London's oldest restaurant.
Our table was featured in one of the London scenes in Downton Abbey.

Top row: Two of our starters -- Rillettes of Mackerel; Game Patè.
Middle: Main courses -- Partridge with Chanterelles; Suet Pudding.
Bottom row: Dessert -- Sponge with golden syrup and clotted cream; Bakewell Tart with ice cream.

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Jeanie said...

Very excited about the London leg of your journey! The dinner at Rules sounds wonderful (and I cannot resist those phone booths!)