Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Picnic

A trip to Watkins Lake to check for migrating water fowl is becoming almost an annual habit. We started at Fusilier Farms produce
stand, where children were picking out their pumpkins and riding on a hay wagon.

We bought pumpkins and squash, onions and garlic, yams and broccoli,
hot peppers and mild peppers, and a bag of honeycrisp apples.

Now that the Watkins Lake area is a State Park, you can have a picnic and birdwatch at the same time. It's
quite a treat to do both in October. We really enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon.

Several species of ducks were there, along with huge numbers of Canada
geese and a few cackling Canadas.

The white specks along the island are actually geese.

The pumpkins and squash that I bought are all the edible variety. After decorating my table for a few days, they'll
go into soups and other dishes. They should keep well until I use them up. You can also see, here, the
sparkly decorative raven I bought as a Halloween decoration, and my Halloween table mat.


Beth F said...

What a great day! I love Watkins Glenn -- such a beautiful area.

Love to be out and about in the fall.

Mae Travels said...

It was a great day, but this Watkins Lake is in Jackson County, Michigan. I think the Watkins Glen you have in mind is in New York. I guess Watkins got around!

Jeanie said...

Oh Mae, this looks like more fun than anything! And a perfect day for it. Yes, I buy squash I can use (except the gourds). May as well! How happy. I can tell this is defnitely your season. LOVED the FB photo!