Thursday, October 20, 2016


Dinner Thursday night: tamales! A gift from our hosts' cleaning lady. Nicely spiced.
This past weekend, our friends organized a cruise around the river walk in San Antonio, including dinner served on the boat.
Here again are all our friends from the reunion, ready to have corn chips and salsa.
The rays of the setting sun illuminated downtown San Antonio.

Café Olé -- the restaurant that provided our meal on the boat.
Smothered tacos, cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans, as served to three of our friends.
A few days later in Rockport on the Gulf, we had a meal at a basic Mexican restaurant called Jalisco.
Gorditas filled with meat and beans, topped with salad. Nice salsa, too.
We also ordered something rather exotic: tacos de lengua (tongue).

Quesadillas. We enjoyed the meal, which was recommended as both good and cheap.
Meanwhile, sightseeing continues. We visited the Blanton Museum on the University of Texas campus, where we enjoyed an exhibit of work by Andy Warhol.
An early work by Warhol, who apparently was quite interested in the fine cooking fad around 1960.

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