Monday, December 15, 2008

Ro•Tel Influence?

Remember this? -- I live in a Ro*Tel State

It was about Ro•Tel, the regional brand of tomatoes and peppers. The organic tomato canner Muir Glen seems to be getting into this market. I had a good result using the depicted can in a recipe of chili. I also used up the bottom of a bottle of chipotle bbq sauce and some chili powder, cumin, and oregano, so I can't be certain of where the spice flavors originated. But the contents of the can seemed very satisfactory.


Anonymous said...

Do you need more of our chili spices?
Ellen & Alec Also need to talk about a time to meet in SD

Mae Travels said...

Hi Ellen and Alec,
I love your chili powder, but you gave me the recipe, so I make it often. I think we would like to get to San Diego before we make detailed plans. We hope to get into our apartment on January 4.

Jen said...

I think one difference might be the chipotle peppers versus jalapenos, which are what I believe is in rotel.

How long will you be in San Diego? My parents used to go to La Jolla for a few months every winter.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Jen,
I think both brands of tomatoes/peppers offer options of either chipotle or jalapeno & maybe another choice too.

We will be in CA for around 6 months -- I hope it stops snowing so we can leave! But I will still blog about travel and food (also at

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing, because I went to the supermarket in my town today and found...Ro*Tel! Seriously, I think these people have been reading our blog posts and now I can say that I live in a Ro*Tel state. Amazing!