Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Edible Art

We drove from Tulsa to Ft.Worth today, meaning that we have left the old Route 66 and continued in a slightly different direction. We arrived for lunch, and then Myrtle and Howard took us to the wonderful Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. We enjoyed some works by Jackson Pollack and a few of the other artists we saw at the St.Louis museum over the weekend.

I especially liked an "installation" -- a sort of stream of objects arranged on the floor of a large room. This installation was very much like many I've seen, with one difference: the ones I've seen before are rocks (like in St.Louis, Mississippi river rocks) or construction materials. The one here in Ft.Worth is made of candy -- cellophane-wrapped pieces of greenish mint. AND you can help yourself to one of them, the guards told us. I enjoyed sucking on my little bit of art; the installation is around 20 feet long, so I guess the museum-goers never consume the whole thing.

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Unknown said...

Hello Mae (and Lennie): Loved your December blog. Happy to see Larry and Elaine and the very special recipe of blintzes. Enjoyed the Harry Truman quote. Hope Delia sees the giraffes soon. Enjoy your travels to San Diego. Rashmi.