Saturday, December 06, 2008

Review of "Ma Gastronomie" by Fernand Point

The blog "More Intelligent Life" recently published a wonderful review by Jon Fasman:


This is definitely a question I have been wondering about.

Here is the summation of this author's answer:
"Traditional French cooking may in fact be dying, but then it always was. If the variety and openness of Robuchon's recipes are a dagger in Point's heart, well, Point's countrified, elaborate simplicity was the same to Auguste Escoffier and Marie-Antoine CarĂªme. French cuisine owes its genius not to any specific dishes, but to the chefs who keep killing and reviving it, and to the diners who approach the table with the seriousness it deserves. Long may the resurrections continue."
I want a copy of Ma Gastronomie by Fernand Point more than ever! And the next time I get to France, I hope to see the original pyramid (in photo).

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Jen said...

What a fascinating perspective. And I would agree with Fasman, too. I like that direction and supposition.