Friday, December 26, 2008

We've made it to RubyDell

Here we are in St.Louis. Our Middle Earth perilous journey from West Lafayette went through low-visibility Indiana and Illinois farmlands, which we sometimes couldn't even see through the low-lying fogs and mists. Nevertheless, we made good time and arrived in the early afternoon, following instructions from the lady inside of the Garmin Nuvi. Her route was exactly the same as the one Elaine and Larry recommended.

As we always say, we hit the ground eating -- Ruby had a marvelous lunch all ready for us and waiting although it was a rather late lunchtime. (We had not stopped for food, just snacked a little in the car while driving.)

And we are about to go out to dinner or something like that. We did take a walk in the very warm though rainy afternoon. At last it's unseasonable but warm instead of unseasonably cold.

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