Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On the Tel Aviv University Campus for the Day

The campus of Tel Aviv University is a stunningly beautiful campus, especially because some type of tree that I’m not at all familiar with was blooming – covered with amazing deep red-orange flowers. The campus also has lots of art installations.

Art installation around some palm trees, with one of the red trees behind it.
With a friend, I spent much of the day in the Diaspora Museum. Some of the exhibits are very old, and we felt that they represented a quite obsolete view that Israelis used to hold about Jewish history. We enjoyed the more up-to-date exhibits, especially one about synagogues throughout the world, both active and no longer active. We feel sad about the synagogues that survive only as buildings while their communities have been driven out or wiped out, and about synagogues that have been destroyed and can be reconstructed only from historic memories or photos.

We also enjoyed an exhibit about Bob Dylan. Yes, that Bob Dylan.

Synagogue roof reproduction, Eastern Europe. These synagogues
were almost all destroyed in the Nazi and Soviet eras.
Also, a number of species of birds are common on campus -- birds that seem exotic to me. At one point, I just caught sight of a bright green rose-ringed parakeet flying overhead. Most interesting: a dove of a type I’ve never seen before.

A laughing dove.

Lunch at the cafe at the Diaspora Museum:
Sabich is the name of this Israeli sandwich, which I read about recently.
I always try famous dishes when I can! It includes eggplant, pickles, and egg.
The internet is terrible or I would post more photos!

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