Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Nothing but Cookbooks!

The Librairie Gourmande is a bookstore with nothing but cookbooks, old and new, from many times and places.
NOTE: the word librairie in French means BOOKSTORE, not library!

A few photos of the interior of the Librairie Gourmande:

On the second floor: more cookbooks as well as novels with food themes,
sociology, history, and specialized cookbooks.
They even have several copies of Modernist Cuisine.

The two books that I bought:

Recipes from the Ivory Coast, in a book published there.
Moroccan Cuisine: the very knowledgeable store clerk
told me this was a classic.

And in another store, I saw a beautiful Mona Lisa:

... but didn't buy it. I also went to Notre Dame Cathedral, but the cookbook store was the best today.


Jeanie said...

Cookbooks or Notre Dame? Yeah, I'd take the cookbooks, too! Heaven sent!

~~louise~~ said...

That is most definitely my kind of store Mae! Amazing!!! It reminds me a little of Kitchen Arts and Letters in the city.

You chose two winners, Mae. I do wonder how you will translate the recipes to share but I know you will figure it out.

I wasn't expecting you to be able to join us for Cookbook Wednesday. I'm delighted that you have. Thanks Mae...Enjoy:)

Debra Eliotseats said...

Wow, Mae. I am envious to say the least!