Sunday, May 01, 2016

Arles: Saint Trophime Cloister

Between birding trips in the past week, we've visited several cloisters, churches, chapels, and other buildings around Arles, where we've seen some magnificent stone carvings. We spent quite a bit of time in the cloister of St. Trophime, attached to the former cathedral in Arles. The romanesque capitals and other carvings in this cloister are regarded as among the most beautiful stonework of that era, and the architecture is beautiful. A few images:

Our group viewing the cloister.

This capital is especially famous: it shows the three kings sleeping at an inn on their way to Bethlehem.

The church tower seen from the cloister.
I'm especially fond of romanesque art, and very impressed by several places we've visited this trip.


Jeanie said...

I love the feel of a cloister. The calm, the protected cover with the outside so near. This is particularly lovely with the wonderful relief work and sculptures. I, too, like romanesque art and I think I would also be enjoying this journey in many ways. Fortunately, we have YOU to be our guide!

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely travel and food photos on your blog.
France is so rich in history and more.
On our Best of France tour we felt lucky to get to "sample" so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Returning again someday would be a dream.
Thanks for your visit to my Magpie's Nest.
p.s. I see we both "know" Jeanie in blogland :-)