Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Pastry I have seen or eaten so far

In the window of a very high-end pastry shop.
Breakfast croissant.

Alas, after eating quiche I couldn't eat any of these beautiful pastries, but settled for Sorbet from Bertillion (one of the
best ice cream makers in Paris). The location: a delightful cafe called "Les Deux Abeilles" near the museum where we spent yesterday morning.

My quiche and Len's omelette.
A slice of pigeon pie at La Cerisaie, a fabulous restaurant near our hotel.
The name of the restaurant is a reference to Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard."
Savory pastries in the window of a pastry shop near the apartment
we rented on a long stay in Paris years ago. It's interesting that
the shop is still in business, with pastry as beautiful as ever.
I just wish I could eat one of these beautiful creations every time I see them!


Jeanie said...

Poor baby! So full you had to have Berthillon sorbet instead of quiche. The heart is aching for you! (Grin!)

It sounds perfectly wonderful or as Sally Bowles would say, "Divinely decadent!"

Kitchen Riffs said...

I second Jeanie's comment! :D Everything looks so good -- sounds like you're having a wonderful time.