Monday, May 02, 2016

Walking in Paris

Making crepes.
The TGV (fast train) we took from Arles to Paris arrived at the Gare de Lyon at 11:15 this morning, and a taxi was waiting as we exited the station. We were in our hotel by noon, ready to walk around the city.

We started with lunch in a crepe restaurant on Rue de Montparnasse: a center for Breton crepes. Each restaurant name includes the location in Brittany where the original proprietors came from -- maybe a few generations ago.

The place seems very popular with local office workers.

As we strolled we looked in shop windows. This antique doll kitchen was
in a shop named "La Maison de Poupée."
I took this photo to show to a friend who should have studied with Poulenc.
After walking down Boulevard Saint Michel we went into our favorite museum, the Musee du Cluny, where
the most wonderful tapestries in the world are on display again. (Last time we were here they were in New York.)
We love the Lady and the Unicorn!

We also enjoyed the displays of medieval stained glass. These partridges reminded us of our tour last week,
where we saw a red-legged partridge at dawn while birdwatching. We also love the medieval sculptures,
the collections of ivory and precious metals, and much more about our favorite museum.
The weather was nice so lots of people were sitting in cafes and near fountains.
Between the Latin Quarter and our hotel near Montparnasse,
the Luxembourg Gardens are a beautiful place to walk.
More window-shopping: a souvenir item I am not going to buy!
... and a very elaborate cake in the window of a famous pastry shop.


Paulita said...

How lovely to be able to amble around Paris. Thanks for taking us along and for playing Dreaming of France today.

~~louise~~ said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying beautiful sights and lovely weather on your trip Mae. I can "hear" the enjoyment in you voice.

Thank you so much for sharing the sights with us, so charming...

Jeanie said...

Can't believe you aren't buying the Mona cup! I'm so glad you made it to Cluny. It's one of my favorites, possibly my top favorite, museum in Paris. Fascinating and beautiful! The crepes look wonderful!

Unknown said...

Eat more pastries!