Monday, May 30, 2016

Tel Aviv Evening

It took us around 24 hours to get from Ann Arbor to our hotel in Tel Aviv. Amazingly, we slept quite a bit on the plane and also overnight despite the 7 hour time change.
The Mediterranean was calm and the sun had just set
as we walked to dinner last evening.
We had dinner at an American-style cafe facing the water, then took a walk, stopping once for Italian-style ice cream. Large numbers of people were running, playing various forms of beach volleyball, riding bicycles on bike paths, and doing organized athletic activities along the walkways by the sand and on the sand. Tourists speaking many languages were also walking on the beach. We are here for a conference that starts in a little while.

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Jeanie said...

Holy cow, Mae! I'll say one thing -- yur life sure isn't boring! More like fascinating!