Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Near Provo: Utah Lake

My friend Paula and I took a walk by a random part of Utah Lake near Provo this morning. Paula has been my walking companion most of this week, viewing streets, houses, the printing museum, and so on while our husbands attended a conference. From everywhere in town one gets views of the fabulous snowcapped mountains that surround the flat area. In the center of this area is Utah Lake, fed by the Provo River. We drove down the steep Provo River's canyon on Sunday.

A number of beautiful birds were singing in the trees and wetlands near the lake. We walked on a paved path
behind the homes in a subdivision, which we sadly think is built on former wetlands.
Swallows, like these violet-green swallows, were flying all around us.
A Bullock's Oriole in a tree.
The lake is beyond the trees and marshes.
This afternoon, Len and I drove on a dike near the river on a very hair-raising dirt road!
We also saw lots of birds like these white pelicans.
Another Bullock's Oriole.
Two grebes below the dike.
We saw many yellow-headed blackbirds along the dike.

Lunch: Banh Mi

Lunch at another of the many small ethnic restaurants
in downtown Provo. I had always wanted to taste
Banh Mi. It was delicious!

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Debra Eliotseats said...

Visiting Utah is on my bucket list. Love your bird pics.