Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tel Aviv Neighborhood

The obviously old building on the corner, surrounded by new-style buildings from the 30s onward, is about to be torn down.
I walked around the neighborhood near our hotel looking at architecture, street life, and food shops.
Ultra modern buildings are near the beach, while the buildings just a few
streets in are older. They vary in condition -- some are not well kept-up.
I believe apartments in this area are very expensive as I saw quite a few
real-estate offices with ads for them.
My walk was all near the beach.
The Tel-Aviv look is very distinctive, I think. Bauhaus-influenced buildings, Mediterranean atmosphere. Or ultra-modern.
The plaques on this house identify it as the house where David Ben Gurion
lived and worked. It's on Ben-Gurion Street.
Small food shops like this one were side by side with a large supermarket.
I don't know if the motor scooter was bringing berries to the shop or
about to deliver them to a customer.
Nuts in the window of another shop.
Delicious-looking pastry in a bakery window: I would say this pastry looks more central European-influenced than
Arab-influenced, though the food here is definitely a combination of those influences and others too.
The supermarket hummus counter. Huge selection!
Bottles of olive oil, including the same brand that I buy at
my Ann Arbor Whole Foods store. 
I also walked on the beach quite a bit today. It's hot but still bearable... we're expecting it to get hotter. And I'll be posting eventually about what I've been eating!


Kitchen Riffs said...

Never been to Tel Aviv. Or Israel, for that matter. Would love to go sometime. One of these days! Fun pictures, but looking forward to the ones showing what you ate. :-)

Jeanie said...

I've rarely seen photos of Tel Aviv. What a beautiful looking city. And the beach must be very welcome with the climate!