Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Great Israeli Scientists Are Appreciated

Departing from Tel Aviv last night, we had to go through a very long corridor in the airport leading from the immigration kiosks to the area of shops and restaurants. The corridor is lined with posters memorializing great scientists, archaeologists, agricultural researchers, and philosophers who lived and worked in Israel. The display begins with Maimonides, David Ben-Gurion (for whom the airport is named), and Chaim Weizmann (first Israeli president and also a famous chemist). The posters represent a variety of research fields, and include several Israeli Nobel prize winners.

We were surprised and very happy to see the poster that commemorates our friend Eshel Ben-Jacob, who died last year. The purpose of our trip was to attend a conference in Eshel's memory; Len presented their last joint paper that they were working on at the time of Eshel's death.

Eshel did research in many fields. The poster describes his work on bacteria colonies, showing some examples
of patterns in bacterial growth. 

Our return trip via Kennedy Airport in New York went very smoothly, and we are now at home, unpacked, and enjoying the cooler weather here.

My new refrigerator magnets from Caesarea and the Israel Museum.
I'll be adding a couple of posts about things we did that I haven't covered yet.


Jens Zorn said...

We need something of this order in Randall Lab/West Hall to celebrate Len's DLA and other contributions.

Esme said...

How fascinating. I read a book once about on the difference of the work ethic between Israelis and Americans-it was quite interesting.