Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dexter Cider Mill

What wonderful treats you can get at the Dexter Cider Mill! We drank very fresh natural cider -- not pasteurized. We ate very fresh donuts. We brought home a few maple sugar candies.

Picking leaves off the apples before they go down the chute to the cider press:
The donut machine and other wonders of the Cider Mill Kitchen:

For more photos, see my post from September 16, 2007:
Images from the Dexter Cider Mill

Apples waiting to become cider; maple syrup waiting to grace pancakes...


Jen said...

Thanks for the reminder - this would make a great family bike trip for us!

Mae Travels said...

Especially nice for a bike ride now that Huron River Drive is open again.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

The area around where I live is called "apple land", because there are so many orchards. One of the orchards still sells unpasteurized cider; they're not allowed by law to sell it anywhere other than at their own orchard, but the taste is so much better than anything we get in the market that it's worth a drive to get their cider. I do love apple season!

Mae Travels said...

Lydia, I don't know what Michigan law says about pasteurizing cider -- it's definitely worth the effort to get the freshest cider, though. Also really fun to see them making it. Their equipment is around 100 years old. They use different apples every week, as different varieties ripen over the fall. Your cider mill is probably similar.

The Dexter folks have big signs up warning you that it's natural and could have bacteria. But they also say they don't use windfall apples, which increase the risk.