Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fighting Hunger, Which is All Too Common in America

At the end of each year, I consider where to send my charitable donations. One of my high priorities is organizations that offer food assistance to the needy. Here are some photos from last year when I visited a couple of local hunger-fighting organizations. I hope that you are thinking along the same lines, and looking for effective charities in your local area that will help those who need help.

Food Gatherers: Ann Arbor, MI: Produce in the warehouse comes from several sources.
Food Gatherers, Ann Arbor, MI. -- the food pantry, one of many rooms in their large warehouse.
The SOS Community Services Food Pantry, Ypsilanti, MI -- staples, personal care products, produce, recipes.


Kitchen Riffs said...

Good post. We always think about where we want to donate -- make a plan, really. That way we make sure our donations are really aligned with what we think is important. And supporting local organizations is really important to us, too. BTW, I’m taking off the rest of the year, so I’d like to wish you happy holidays!

Beth F said...

We always donate to the local food bank during the holiday season. We really should do this all year round.

Tina said...

I need to tweet your post, people need to be aware of those less fortunate & donate. You are a good woman!

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said...

Even in tiny Ocean Park, we have a food bank. Hunger is everywhere, thanks for posting this reminder.