Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Things that give me joy in my kitchen

A new drying mat and new kitchen scissors replaced my old ones this month. My silicone spatula and
citrus reamer are two old utensils that I find very useful also. 
My sister-in-law's mother gave me this garlic container many
years ago because she was impressed that I always used real garlic.
Coffee from our local coffee roaster and the mug with
their logo.
An old Mexican curio from even more years ago
that I recently got out of storage in the basement.
I just read another of the infinite series of articles about how you should get rid of all your possessions unless they bring you joy. All my possessions bring me joy. Go figure. I liked the cartoon about the woman who said she had tried the "bring you joy" method of scouring her household and had thrown away her vegetables, her bra, her electric bill, and her exercise bicycle. I did have an exercise bicycle once, but I left it by the curb and someone took it away. And my electric bill comes via email so there's nothing to throw out. But I get what the cartoon meant.

I've enjoyed the "In My Kitchen" posts from other bloggers as listed by 
from Australia, where it's winter: "Winter Tricks in My Kitchen." It's hot here, unlike there!


Anonymous said...

There does seem to be an obsession with clearing out stuff from our lives and pruning down our wardrobe to the basics. I'm with you: I like all the things I have around me too. and I like that little Mexican ornament- glad you brought it back into your life. Francesca

Kari said...

I can see why these bring you job - a mix of practical, fun and bright!

Jeanie said...

Where did you get the drying mat? I love that one -- would be good for glasses. I'm big on the lemon reamer (can't be without it) and silicone spatch too. And scissors. And everything!