Saturday, July 09, 2016

Dinner from Zingerman's Deli

Zingerman's Delicatessen: most famous eatery in Ann Arbor. Yesterday afternoon, I went there to pick up my order of
meat, cheese, sides, dressings, and bread from Zingerman's bakery for a family dinner for 12 people. 
Bread, cheese, meat, pickles, veggies, and my own hand-made egg salad.
Close up: roast beef and corned beef. A lot of fun, and easier than cooking. The sauces and sides were placed on the dining table, so they don't appear in photos. Dessert: Carol baked a lemon-blueberry cake.
We all creatively made our own sandwiches. Examples: Curried turkey and my own cranberry sauce on pecan-raisin bread. Corned beef, swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye. Roast beef, carrot spread, and roasted red pepper dressing on challah. My most novel or delicious choices as described on Zingerman's online menu:  
Our Moroccan carrot hummus made from roasted carrots, house made harissa, olives, herbs and lemon juice.

Zingerman's classic take on an old favorite. Redskin potatoes dressed in a delicious red pepper dressing.

This staff favorite, made with turkey, house-made garam masala, cashews and Creamery fromage franc dressing, is a great addition to pecan raisin bread.

Some of the relatives. By the time the rest of us were assembled, I was too distracted to take photos.


Katherine P said...

That potato salad sounds amazing. I love the idea of a red pepper dressing and that Corned beef sounds amazing. Also the roast beef. Sounds like a delicious place to grab some lunch or to keep a large group happy!

Beth F said...

I love Zingerman's. Looks like an awesome meal.

Margot said...

That's a great way to host a big family gathering on a hot summer day. Everything looks and sounds delicious. There are a couple of things that got my attention: pecan raisin bread (yum), curried turkey (new to me) and your own egg salad (love to know how you make it). It all sounds so good.

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

Boy, that sounds like a terrific feast for everybody.

Jeanie said...

Dinner at your house is sounding pretty fabulous because really -- what about Zing's isn't?