Monday, July 04, 2016

Follow up on Organic Food and GMOs

Yesterday I posted a brief discussion about organic food and genetically modified crops, especially cotton. I've received responses (in comments and on Facebook) from several people expressing various ideas on the subject, which interests me very much.

To follow up, I've been collecting additional articles with varying points of view. There are many more! Here's my short list so far:
I plan to read more widely about these topics. There are so many different and overlapping issues. For example (as I wrote on Facebook yesterday), at the grocery store or market when you make just one decision -- which eggs to buy -- you have to consider the following:
  1. Might the eggs have contamination like salmonella?
  2. Might they include residue from antibiotics? From pesticides in chicken feed?
  3. Are they produced in conditions of humane treatment of hens?
  4. What about environmental issues? Are vast henhouses causing pollution in their neighborhood?
  5. Do the producers employ humane treatment/fair pay for workers?
  6. Truth in advertising for any claims on 1-5 !!
So complicated!
Goose eggs at a market featuring local Ann Arbor farmers' products.
For $3 each, you can really know every detail about these eggs.

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