Saturday, December 15, 2018

Meet Willard

New acquisition for Len's baking adventures: a starter ordered from King Arthur flour.
Len named it Willard, in honor of his maximum hero J. Willard Gibbs *
After a day of feeding the starter according to the instructions, Len
has now begun the dough for the first Willard-started loaves of bread.
We'll know more about Willard tomorrow.
* About J. Willard Gibbs (1839-1903): Albert Einstein called him "the greatest mind in American history."


Pam said...

I've seen the starters in their catalog, etc. so am curious about your take on it.

Linda said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Fun! I kept sourdough for several years from a friend who got it from a woman who once baked a loaf every day because her family of eight kids ate a loaf every day!

Jeanie said...

Tell, tell! Rick doesn't do much with sourdough. Pretty cool!