Friday, December 21, 2018

Disappointed in Grindlewald

We finally saw it. As you see from this poster, it's been out for over a month. Unfortunately, we found The Crimes of Grindelwald much less amusing and captivating than the earlier "Fantastic Beasts" film. It repeated a lot of the clever stuff without really being as clever the second time. The character development wasn't even close to past films about the Harry Potter wizards.

I felt as if what I was seeing was FANFIC -- made by a lesser imagination. But with expensive special effects -- lots of explosions and smoke and big twirly things in the sky or under water.  Rowling's Wizards here do a lot of dramatic disappearances in flashes of light and puffs of smoke; they walk on the edges of tall buildings and stuff they were too powerful to bother with in earlier films. But I liked them better when their characters were more nuanced.

The Crimes of Grindelwald left enough loose ends to fill maybe four more films. In fact the ending felt like a cliff hanger in those old time Saturday afternoon movie serials. I'm not as excited about seeing them as I would have been if I liked this one more.


Tina said...

That is disappointing the movie didn’t measure up. We just checked the Fantastic Beast movie out of the library but haven’t watched it yet.

Sherry's Pickings said...

oh no! i was so looking forward to this one.