Thursday, January 07, 2010

Windex and a movie... no, not that movie

It's a snowy day, and Len has a bad cold (now being treated, no worries, thanks for the good thoughts). So we watched our current Netflick, Julie and Julia. Finally. I've been wanting to see it since summer.

I liked both story lines and the portrayal of all four major characters. In fact, my only reservation is that Julia Child's TV personality was extreme, but I have a little nagging doubt that she really talked that way all her life, every minute, even in bed. I bet she had a quieter more ordinary side. But let Streep be Streep (which is to say be everyone else larger than life). Yes I loved the part where she and her sister meet in the train station and do jinx just like Miriam and Alice.

As for the Julie part, I enjoyed the cooking efforts as they were presented. I have been a faithful Julia Child follower since the 1960s and my original copy is full of stains, as I've mentioned in a number of posts over the last few months. When something goes wrong I have a near meltdown. Though I've never actually gotten down on the kitchen floor, I knew how Julie felt.

When the movie finished, I went into the kitchen for a minute and THERE WAS A BIG GREY MOUSE CLIMBING DOWN FROM A SHELF IN MY PANTRY. AAAAAAAAAA. I always scream loud when I see a mouse. Lenny came running, got a broom, started thumping. We scared him under the refrigerator. When we moved the fridge he moved along, then ran across the floor and got under the stove. AAAAAAAAAAAA. I screamed again. I took out the drawer and started probing with a broom. Back to the fridge. AAAAAAAAAAAAA. We tried to poke him out with a yardstick. A lot of dust came loose from underneath the fridge (oops, I only move it out and sweep/mop under it, never try to clean the bottom). How to get him out?

WINDEX! I stuck the nozzle into the gap and sprayed. Back to the stove. AAAAAA. Does Windex conquer all? Not quite. If you hear me screaming again, wherever you are, it's because he's out again. We resealed the hole where we think he came in and set traps. And cleaned up the pantry.

UPDATE: We trapped the mouse. He looked smaller when not moving than he did when we were chasing him. We think he was alone, as the other trap stayed empty. Next step: caulk the outside of the house.


Jen said...

Oy! Not such a great adventure. I've been there on the Julie Powell bridge trying to replicate a MTAOFC recipe, and I loved the portrayals of Julia and Paul Child.

I also loved the scenes with Julia and Dorothy.

I hope the little furry one has left your house and stays away.

Mae Travels said...

Actually, I just found the furry one in one of the traps. I know he was just trying to get away from the snow, but he really wasn't welcome here.

Jeanie said...

After slugging through Julia's Beef Bourg. on New Year's Day, I have new found respect for Julie Powell! I loved that movie and all the books that made it. I'm glad you finally saw and enjoyed it.

The mouse. I can usually cope with them on the floor -- but out of the cupboards? That would do me in!

I'm behind on blog checking, so I'll send you Happy New Year wishes on this post and look down on all your others!