Friday, January 01, 2010

Food and Art

In the basement of the Hirschorn museum (next door to the restroom and coat room) they are showing a video by Phoebe Greenberg called "Next Floor." A group of diners (I assume they are Canadian, since that's what she is) appear in the movie. Excuse me, I mean film. At first they eat with relish, then more and more greedily. Their table repeatedly falls through the floor. The person who wrote the blurb felt obliged to explain that this was an allegory about modern consumption. Gosh.

Right after watching "Next Floor" we went to the American Indian Museum to have lunch. I am very fond of the Indian-themed food there. We had salmon and a salmon patty sandwich, and then saw an exhibit by Brian Jungen who uses sports equipment and other objects from modern life to make wonderfully imaginative Indian-themed sculptures. The whale skeleton below is made from plastic lawn furniture. The mask is obviously made of athletic shoes.

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