Saturday, January 09, 2010

"The Omelet Show"

We've been watching episodes of "The French Chef" on a Netflix DVD, and Len was especially taken by "The Omelet Show." This morning was his second round of making omelets as shown on the show. Watching Julie and Julia was another area of inspiration -- in fact we've been browsing Julia Child's My Life in France too. So we got out the old, stained copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and Len's own omelet show began.

First, breaking the eggs -- Julia Child did one egg in each hand. You didn't see Meryl Streep's Julia Child do this! But here's Len:

And the paradigm:
The butter is just finished foaming when eggs go into the pan:

I didn't capture the moment when the eggs flipped (and you didn't see Streep do this either [correction, didn't see her do it right -- she flipped it onto the stove]) but here's the result:



~~louise~~ said...

I just made the most awesome omelet this morning. I cleaned out the fridge of bits and pieces and scrambled it all up into that foaming butter. Yum!

You know Mae, now that you mention it, I don't recall the Omelet Show or Meryl Streep flipping...

Cynthia Bertelsen said...

I thought Streep flipped it and she scraped it all into the pan. Gonna watch the DVD again tonight, actually, and will check.

Your pictures made me hungry, so I'm off to the kitchen, to cook Tortilla Soup.


Mae Travels said...

Cindy -- I think you are right -- she flipped it onto the stove, but definitely didn't do the two-handed egg cracking trick that Julia Child does on "The Omelet Show."