Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Kitchen at the End of Summer

Who remembers drinking from jelly glasses?

This caramel mousse from Costco comes in re-usable drinking glasses. I haven't seen such a thing in ages, but here it is in my kitchen, along with a variety of produce and a few other things that seemed special this month. 

I'm sharing this post about my September kitchen with Australian blogger Sherry, who hosts a collection of links to blog posts from all over the world telling about our various kitchens: 

Maybe the last plums and peaches...

Though it's late for these fruits, I found a few plums, peaches, green heirloom zebra tomatoes, and sweet peppers at the Argus Farm Stop consignment market where farmers bring their produce. Will we find them even one more time? Or will we be eating only autumn and winter vegetables?

Also from Argus: garlic, bacon, broccoli, and lettuce --

I love the garlic from the local garlic farms.
Bacon that was raised and smoked at a farm near us, and frisée lettuce.
Crisp bacon, frisée lettuce, and tomatoes make a great salad.
Broccoli, egg, and pepper salad with not-so-local olives.
After a few days we ate all the produce, and went back for more. This time besides tomatoes (red), peaches, plums and
peppers, we chose delicata squash, apples, and pears. But we know the summer isn't going to last forever.


Pull-apart cinnamon rolls inspired by Bread Week on the 2019 Great
British Baking Show where they did a variety of pull-apart breads.
Len made these because I love them!
Another pull apart: dinner rolls with a combination of black & white sesame seeds.
Len also baked sourdough bread several times. Delicious (though not new).
I've finally settled on a pancake recipe using the sourdough discard. It can
be made sweet or savory. Pancakes in the photo were stuffed with cheese.
I also made a batch with roasted corn and peppers.

On the Refrigerator...

Following my usual habit, I came back from California with a few magnets and post cards.
They will adorn the refrigerator for a few weeks, then I'll move on to some other decoration.

Best Meals in September...

Our most ambitious meals this month did not come from our own kitchen.
We ate them during our trip to California. In this photo:
local sand dabs, a flatfish from the waters of Half Moon Bay.
Also delicious: fish tacos with guacamole, rice, and black beans.
Beyond the dinner plate you can see the shells of Monterey oysters that we
ate as an appetizer. Wonderful!

AND the year 5780 starts today:

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dee Nambiar said...

We were in the Eastern Sierras in August -- to see the tufas of Mono Lake and hike to Devil's Postpile and the top of it.

Btw, that broccoli-bell-pepper-egg salad looks great. :)

Have a lovely week, Mae. :)

Jeanie said...

I just want to jump into this post and enjoy every single bite! Oh, the rolls and bread! And those salads. Everything looks fabulous.

As for me, I'm up to elbows again in tomatoes. Couldn't resist another half bushel!

Sherry's Pickings said...

hi Mae
I made guac with organic avos the other night. so yum. fish tacos are delish aren't they? Love your garlic pot; it's so cute. i keep my garlic cloves in the freezer, and they last for ages. you have to watch out for cockies and ants and heavens knows what around here so you can't leave foodstuffs out:)
Happy New Year to you!. and thanks millions for being our stalwart IMK'er! cheers sherry

Angie's Recipes said...

Those green heirloom tomatoes are to die for! Great baked goods, Mae.

Tiffin Fiona said...

I can tell that you are sorry to see the last of the summer fruit and veg. I haven't seen those stripey squash before. They would add interest to a meal for sure. And your pull apart rolls look great. The Jewish community in Brisbane is very small - we have a population of over 2 million but there are only 3 synagogues. Still, I understood the symbolism of the honey and the cakes when I saw your photo on FB. Happy days for you.

Tandy | Lavender and Lime ( said...

I would have bought that caramel mousse just for the glass jars :) A little late but my Rosh Hashanah wishes for you: May you find forgiveness where you seek it. May you forgive everyone who needs it. And may each day of the rest of your life be sweet and rich with blessings. Tandy

Johanna GGG said...

so much good food and good times in your kitchen - I love len's breads and your stone fruit (can't wait til stone fruit is in season here). I really love a reusable cup package - we drank out of vegemite glasses as kids but now have a few nutella glasses.

judee said...

All you fruit, vegetables, salads, and bread look very inviting! I could dig into that egg, olive, and pepper salad right now! Have a great week and a Happy New Year!

Beth F said...

Fun to see the modern take on the jelly jar glass.

The Mother Hubbard's Cupboard said...

Hi Mae,
Yes it is always sad to see the last of those summer fruits... we are heading into Summer here in Australia and I am so looking forward to it.
That bread looks delicious. I think we are a bit behind here with the British bake off as bread week is next week here :)
Always lovely to see what is going on in everyones kitchen once again.
Liz xx

Deb in Hawaii said...

So much going on in your kitchen! I have been eyeballing the desserts in jars at Costco lately--they have a couple but I think those might be the cutest glasses. I may have to "suffer" eating the mousse to get them! ;-)

Kim Bultman said...

Mae, I SO enjoyed reading your post, gazing at your photos and captions, and visiting with you via IMK. Loved learning that you recycle jelly glasses from sea salt caramel mousse. (Sounds heavenly!) Back in the day -- or at least in my day, ha! -- "bonus glassware" was offered as an incentive to buy laundry detergent (of all things) or for accumulating enough "prize points" on the ol' grocery bill. Loved your salad, pull aparts, and pancakes, too! xo

Shaheen said...

I've picked up some avocados yesterday to make guacamole in readiness for w/e movie night. Liking the garlic pot, i have one made of terracota but missing the lid.
Happy New Year to you.

Jen Rose said...

I love your collection of magnets and postcards. I'm looking forward to summer produce while yours is nearing the end. All that bread looks delicious! =)