Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chinese Dinner and Movies for Christmas

Christmas Eve: "Interstellar."
We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Elaine and Larry who are visiting from Indiana. Of course our plan was movies and Chinese food, which we quite enjoyed. At 2:30 PM on Christmas Eve we went to a theater to see "Interstellar," which some of us liked a lot, some liked a little, and one hated. On Christmas Day we watched two movies on streaming video, took a walk in the park despite the gloominess and damp, and cooked and ate some Chinese food.
Christmas Morning: "Laura" (1944). Beautiful visuals in this film noir.
Christmas afternoon: "Insomnia." Rather strange movie.
Cooking Chinese Christmas dinner. You can see the package of Trader Joe's
pot stickers at left, and the rice cooker at right.
Stir-frying vegetables.
Pot stickers.
Stir-fried vegetables with roasted salmon.
Zingerman's gingerbread cake after we ate most of it.

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Mary said...

Sounds like a great holiday season of activities to me......