Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Ironic and Iconic

Christmas traditions are sometimes so overwhelming that someone just needs to react. Evidently, the French traditional bûche de Noël, a cake made to look like a yule log (usually with meringue mushrooms as a decoration) has now inspired lots of ironic versions from famous pastry shops. I just loved the nine images of cakes in this article: "These Redesigns of a French Christmas Dessert Will Make You Salivate." Actually, they make me laugh!

"The Magic of Christmas bûche de Noël from chocolatier A la Mère de Famille 
has Santa caught in some kind of magic act."
Google image page of traditional bûches de Noël suggesting how people
evidently compete to make the most elaborate versions.


~~louise~~ said...

Well, I got my chuckle for the day:) Thanks Mae...

Janet Rudolph said...

Love these..especially the 'magic' Santa!

Vagabonde said...

Those bûches are so tempting. Luckily we have a French bakery close-by, “Douceur de France” and they make a very nice bûche de Noël.