Thursday, November 20, 2008

I live in a Ro*Tel State

Over at The Perfect Pantry, Lydia wrote today about Ro*Tel Tomatoes. "Either you live in a Ro*Tel state, or you live somewhere else," she wrote in this post on her blog:

Diced tomatoes with green chile

The various things she said you could do with this product -- which I haven't bought for years -- sounded so good that on my trip to the grocery store, I located the Ro*Tel shelf and bought a can of them. Now I get to pick which recipe to make.

So Michigan is pretty bad right now. Our (admittedly over-the-hill) rep just lost his committee chairmanship to a Californian. The heads of the auto industry just flew to DC in their private jets and convinced congress they deserve whatever fate they get, no bailout. But we have Ro*Tel.


Susan G said...

I am delegating a supermarket go-fer to see if NH is a RoTel state. Funny, as close as we are to RI, Pastene is not a familiar brand. Your Hispanic section looks full!

Jen said...

I wonder what a ro-tel state of mind would be?

carol@cabinetstew said...

Hi! I am here via a link from The Perfect Pantry!
I have to say I live in MA (originally from NH) and the ethic sections differ from store to store down here never-mind state to state. Alas, no Ro*Tel in my local store but I think I saw it once at "National Wholesale Liquidators!"