Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fortune Cookies

I am busily rereading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8 Lee, preparing for my book club meeting Monday. We will gather here for an appropriate Chinese dinner. Here are photos from the Oriental grocery store where I bought dumplings this morning. They were out of fortune cookies!

Fortunately (!) one of the members' children received many fortune cookies as treats for Halloween. I didn't know that it was traditional to give out fortune cookies -- I'll have to find out more about that.

I'll be posting more about the book and book club gathering, including discussion questions I plan to write for our meeting. This is one book that has no canned questions in the back, so I'm going to invent them.

I made sure the dumplings were made in California and Canada. I'm really worried about any food that's currently made in China, as they seem to have no food safety procedures in place at all. Very sad.

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Jen said...

I was so frustrated - I got it out of the library (after waiting forEVER, of course) and then couldn't read it during the month I had it because of other reading obligations.

I am a slow reader.