Friday, June 20, 2008

Famous Kitchens

If you are fond of kitchens, you should look over the wonderful photos of the White House kitchens at the White House website. Shown: the oldest photo on the site from 1901. The White House pantry also appears on the website.

I love touring either original or restored kitchens in historic houses from other eras. This website allows a virtual tour of the White House, which I've never visited in person.

Elaine wrote: " I took a look at the White House kitchens, and see pots hanging over a central island as I do as far back as 1903. It really is a convenient way to store them." I think that hanging pots have been traditional in restaurant and commercial kitchens forever -- having them in homes dates from more recently. Or maybe it went out and came back. In 1901, MANY people had cooks or maids working in their home kitchens like that in the White House, now it's rare, so tht may be an issue too.

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