Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Around the Farmers Market

I enjoyed my trip to the Farmers Market this morning. I bought the usual: lettuce, new potatoes, peas in the shell, golden yellow zucchini, small tomatoes, spring onions, local cheese, and strawberries -- and newly in season, cherries and raspberries. Then I stopped for a while to read and have a cappuccino at Cafe Verde. The barriste (or whatever you call a man who makes coffee) put a funny little face in my coffee cup.

I always used to get to the Farmers Market and suddenly discover that I had forgotten to bring a bag or basket to carry my purchases in. No more: now I keep two very compact nylon bags in my purse. I also use them at the grocery store or the library. I bought them at Heavenly Metal, a tiny shop full of fun things. There's also a small mirrored dressing table where the owner, Vicki Honeyman, cuts hair. I've been getting my hair cut there recently: today I was wrong about the time, and showed up half an hour late -- but Vicki was very nice and fit me in anyway.

The many-colored nylon bags must be popular. Each one comes in a convenient little pouch with the logo: BAGGU. When I checked out at Produce Station recently, there was a forgotten pouch behind the counter that exactly matched my bag! The cashier offered it to me, but I had not lost mine -- someone else had been using an identical one.

In the second BAGGU photo you can see a demonstration of me carrying my bag with my local spring onions sticking out of the top. If you want one, you should go look over this fun shop -- or go to the online store on the website.

Heavenly Metal is in the area between the market and Huron Street. All around there are really nice shops, such as Kaleidescope, where I am hopelessly tempted by the tiny collectible dolls. On the same street: the food coop, Cafe Verde, a tea store, and a cupcake shop (neither of which I have tried). So in the same trip, I bought local produce, drank coffee, dawdled, browsed collectibles, and got a haircut: a winning neighborhood!

I hope I'll soon have more kitchen photos from friends and relations, as well as maybe some photos from other farmers markets.

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Anonymous said...

Mae: Loved your blog today. Going Saturday to Boggy Creek Farms - a place that locovores can purchase produce. I'm inspired by Kingsolver.
Have you taken a look at I purchased one of their bags at the Denver Art Museum (new structure by Daniel Liebeskind).
I carry it in my purse. Very handy.
Keep on blogging.