Monday, May 26, 2008

More Salade Niçoise

For a simple family meal I cheated slightly, and bought the green beans from the prepared food counter at Whole Foods. However, I made the potato salad myself, and added some tuna. For variety, I put a few sweet potatoes in the salad along with the white potatoes and vinaigrette dressing.

Note this: I have found that Whole Foods' 365 store-brand tuna has no added broth so it's amazingly much better than even the premium tuna from name-brand makers like Giesha, Star-Kist, etc.


Jen said...

I love Salade Nicoise - I think it's one of my all-time favorite foods.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Jen,
Two things about this wonderful dish:

1) Restaurants often corrupt it -- even in France. I hate when they use rice instead of potatoes!

2) It's amazing how much it can vary, even within the classic ingredients.