Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Farmers Market Today

This morning the Ann Arbor Farmers Market was fairly busy, but not unpleasantly crowded. The number of sellers is so large that stalls now occupy quite a bit of the parking lot, as well as the established aisles.

We enjoyed seeing all the bedding plants in rows and on racks: herbs, tomatoes, all sorts of flowers. We bought asparagus, lettuce, and red spring onions, as well as a chicken and some lamb from the Ernst Farm stand, whose meat we enjoyed last year.

I was delighted to learn that the Michigan maple syrup growers had a huge success this year -- the poor conditions in Canada and New England didn't happen here. I bought some maple candy. The farmer says he's getting requests to sell his crop wholesale -- so they may run out despite the good crop.


Jen said...

I love Ernst meat. And I bought one of those boxes of cukes, along with a box of their strawberries.

Mae Travels said...

I'm so glad that it's getting into local produce season, past the hard cruel spring.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I don't think we can get meat at any of our local farmers markets, but it would be great if we could. I'd much rather buy it from a local producer.

Mae Travels said...

Thanks, Renae, your blog post on beer inspired me with a memory from the distant past, which I've noted in my blog and your comments!