Monday, April 15, 2019

The Art Museum

Bird from a late Roman Bird Mosaic. We enjoyed the art from Greece,
Rome, ancient Roman Egypt, and the Byzantine era.
The Saint Louis Art Museum has been a favorite of mine since my early childhood when I was growing up here. This weekend, we mainly visited relatives, but we did spend several hours in the museum, enjoying many works of art that we didn't remember from our many earlier visits. Here are just a few... when I return home, I'll do more posts on our visit.

We liked this Viennese tea set dated 1901-1902.
Designer: Jutta Sika (1877-1964).
The twentieth-century collections of the museum are wonderful!
We also saw art from Africam, Oceanian, pre-Columbian Americams,
and Native American artists, including weaving, pottery, metalwork, etc.
This mask is recent, from Nigeria.

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