Monday, April 15, 2019

Thinking of Notre Dame de Paris

As we saw Notre Dame last November. I am so glad that we stood in line and
visited the interior of the cathedral then, with Miriam and Alice.
Inside Notre Dame. All the wood has been destroyed by
the horrendous fire today. We were there during a mass: you can see the priest.
This magnificent screen cannot have survived the fire.
Participants and onlookers at the mass. Far right: Miriam.
I hope the treasures had been removed. There were so many  riches
on display, it's really hard to contemplate the loss.
And will all the incredible stained glass survive. I'm afraid to hear more.

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First three photos are by Evelyn and Tom, used with permission, from our
trip there in November, 2018. Rest are by Mae.
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bill said...

What an incredibly sad event to see it burn, hopefully it will rise again.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

It was a real tragedy...I was watching it live on the BBC. They were able to save some of the treasures. It is amazing that not all of the wood interior burned, the side pulpit is still there and even some of the large paintings have survived.

Vagabonde said...

This is an event I could have never imagined. Notre-Dame was always there. I am not a believer but my heart grieves for her. While going to school I exited the métro at St Michel and saw her daily. Then mother for many years had a flat rue des Archives, walking distance from La Cité where Notre-Dame stands. I drove from Nashville to GA to clear the house but have been unable to do anything but watch French TV and radio and read all the articles I can find. Quelle catastrophe.

Jeanie said...

I'm hoping the screen survived. I noticed the pews were still there and other parts within so I'll keep hope. Glad they could save so much of the art.