Monday, April 08, 2019

Sesame Cookies

Sesame cookies using the Nigella (black sesame) I brought back from Israel.
Yesterday we decided to have foods with Israeli flavors for dinner. I made several dishes that reminded us of our trips there: dates stuffed with ground meat (blogged here), chopped tomato salad, eggplant in tomato sauce, and stuffed grape leaves made by Trader Joe. The preparations included several spices often used in Israeli food: the spice mix baharat and the fresh herbs cilantro, parsley, and mint. Len made pita bread. For dessert, I baked some sesame-flavored cookies, which were very crumbly and nice. I used a combination of white and black sesame seeds.

The cookies had a flavor that reminded me of Israeli sweets.
Recipe from Epicurious (link).


Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

Sounds like you had a very flavorful meal. It is nice when we can serve a meal that takes us back to our travels.

Jeanie said...

Those look tasty, Mae!