Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Here and Not Here in my Kitchen in April

What's not in my kitchen? At the St. Louis Art Museum I did NOT buy the tempered glass cutting board/counter protector with Mona Lisa eating a hot dog (as shown in the advertisement above). I saw two cutting boards with Leonardo parodies; it was very hard to choose, but...

What is in my kitchen? I bought this Vitruvian Man-Grill Master cutting board -- which I find a much more satisfying parody of a Leonardo masterpiece. Could I have too many Mona Lisas? No, that can't possibly be why I skipped a Mona Lisa.

What's not in my kitchen? I have no bouquets of spring flowers. I love them. But I love them out in the fields, as in this photo at a garden we visited on our trip to Lafayette.

A beautiful display of flowers would be perfect for the space behind my kitchen sink, which now holds various practical, not decorative, items. In fact I designed this arrangement to accommodate a plant or a vase of flowers. But spring flowers make me sneeze.

What is in my kitchen? allergy medicine. Yes, it is definitely allergy season. I'm still thrilled to see the beauties of spring emerging after a very tedious, extra-long winter. But I can't have them inside.

What's not in my kitchen? There's no local produce being grown outdoors. It's just to early for any outdoor field crops to make it to market and then to my kitchen during this chilly April weather, though I've seen a few tiny bunches of gathered wild ramps for sale at very high prices.

What is in my kitchen? Some hoop house lettuce, root and all, from my favorite Argus Farms consignment farm shop. I also have some herbs from there, and carrots that farmers have stored in root cellars since the last growing season. I'm looking forward to better weather next month!

Hoop House Cilantro from Argus Farms. 
What else is in my kitchen?
As April has progressed, we've been able to enjoy grilling once or twice.
These marinated tuna steaks were a great success!
I consider the barbecue setup to be part of the kitchen outdoors.
Although spring vegetables aren't quite here, we did have a nice platter of
crudités, French style, including grated celeriac and carrots. Good with tuna!
And there's always pizza! This is a goat cheese pizza with artichoke hearts.
Len's crust, my filling.
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Angie's Recipes said...

That pizza looks so GOOD! I need to go get some cilantro! My favourite herb!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

That goat cheese and artichoke pizza looks so very good...it bet it disappeared quickly.

Jeanie said...

I LOve the idea of sharing what's in and not in your kitchen! You have some fun things. BUmmer about the allergies, though!

Sherry's Pickings said...

hi Mae
i love that pizza! and Vitruvian Man is a winner. good old Leonardo. such a great man. you've had the long winter and we've had the endless summer. still darn hot here today on May 1! one month till winter but i guess we won't see much of it this year. don't you hate the way they try to fool us into buying last year's crop as if it were the latest one? grrrrr have a great May, Mae!

francesca said...

Lovely charvon the puzza Len, impressive. Also great veggie crudites platter Mae, the perfect accompaniment to your grilled fish. Not long bwfore Speing brings you more fresh produce.

Shari from GoodFoodWeek said...

I think I need to make myself an artichoke pizza! I hope that you pop over and see what's in my kitchen at www.goodfoodweek.com.au

Kitchen Riffs said...

Both of those cutting boards are a stitch. I think you made the right decision, though -- that BBQ grill is really funny. And allergies! They've been awful this year. Good reason to stay in the kitchen. :-)

Tina said...

I like that cutting board. The flowers are pretty too but like you, they aren't in our home. I sneeze like it's my job. Maybe I ought to try that Zyrtec.

Tiffin Fiona said...

I bet you’re glad the weather has started to warm and finally you can start grilling. In another month, you won’t know yourself. We have homemade pizza every Friday night. It’s a firm fave and a great way of using up ‘stuff’. Ha ha – that chopping board!


Moya-Food and Tools said...

It is always lovely to spend time outdoors and especially when you can light up the barbecue. The pizza looks delicious, making me hungry now :)