Saturday, August 13, 2016

Roy's Kitchen and Other Food in Kauai

The open kitchen at Eating House 1849 by Roy Yamaguchi where we ate this evening.

 Dinner at Roy's Restaurant

The service is excellent, beginning with a complimentary appetizer of
edamame, and a promptly served glass of wine. We ordered
Santa Barbara Chardonnay. Our salad was local tomatoes, arugula, and
mozzarella with a very nice sauce.
Superb locally caught opah with fennel slaw and tomatoes in "tomato water" which is essentially a vegetable broth.
It was so good I asked for a spoon. 
Dessert: cheesecake with blueberry compote and chocolate.
All three courses were fabulous. Our best meal so far on Kauai.

Lunch at Hanalei Gourmet

A very delicious piece of ahi on a vegetable salad at a lovely small
bar & grill in this remote town on the North Shore.

Ice Cream at Lappert's 

Dinner at Brennecke's Beach Broiler 

Brennecke's is less than a block from the apartment we are renting, which was why we chose it. We didn't find it
as good as other places. We did go for mango pina colada drinks; I tried the ahi sandwich (though only
medium rare, it was somewhat dry) and Len tried the rum cake which was ok. I had creme brulee.


Margot said...

Each food item is a work of art. It must be hard to eat them, well, maybe for a minute or two.

Carole said...

Some great meals there! Cheers from CArole's chatter

Beth F said...

Gorgeous!! Makes me want to perfect my plating skills ... or not. LOL.