Thursday, August 18, 2016

Loco Moco at Last

This is loco moco, a Hawaiian special plate lunch including hamburger, rice, gravy, and a fried egg.
For years I've been saying that I wanted to try this local comfort food, invented here.
My loco moco today at Anuinui Cafe was a bit fancied up -- it included mushrooms, and the hamburger was
crumbled to bite-size instead of a patty. I enjoyed it. To the left you can see my lilikoi iced tea.
I haven't been neglecting my favorite flavor lilikoi. Here's a lilikoi
cheesecake from earlier this week. Lilikoi, as I've mentioned, is Hawaiian for passion fruit.
At Merriman's Hamburger and Pizza place I had another lilikoi mousse for lunch Tuesday.
I also had a scoop of lilikoi sorbet after lunch today.
For my main course at Merriman's I had this salad.
As we are getting ready to leave, we're still enjoying the island flavors. I've had quite a few more helpings of fresh local fish at various restaurants, but the pictures would be a bit repetitive!


Beth F said...

I'm not a huge passion fruit fan but those two desserts still look good.

Katherine P said...

Yum! I've heard of Loco Moco but haven't had it. The lilikoi mousse looks amazing! Looks like you're eating well!

Vicki said...

Everything looks so good!