Monday, August 08, 2016

Shave Ice

Koloa, the small town near where we are staying, has a great Shave Ice place.
In case you haven't heard, Hawaiian shave-ice is a great favorite of President Obama, a reminder of his childhood and youth in Honolulu. We decided to have some this afternoon.

The shave-ice machine.
A shave-ice machine shaves the ice block into a sort of snow, which the operator forms into a snow-ball. It's soft not crunchy -- and therefore nothing like the Sno-Cones of our childhood!
Adding syrup to the shave-ice.

Left: Len's Blue Hawaiian -- shave ice over crushed pineapple and vanilla ice cream with blue vanilla syrup.
Right: my passion-fruit and blue vanilla shave ice without ice cream.
In 2007 on the Big Island Alice tried shave ice.
Miriam's shave ice, 2007.
Another shave ice place on Kauai in Waimea.

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Jeanie said...

It's 90-something here today -- that looks EXTREMELY refreshing! Have fun!