Friday, November 16, 2007

News of the Fat, or There Will Always be an England

The New Yorker rubric "There will always be an England" really fits this BBC article: "Huge hedgehog goes on Atkins diet." The larger picture shows George the Hedgehog, brought to the Wildlife Aid Centre in Leatherhead, England. The smaller picture shows an ordinary hedgehog.

George weighs almost 5 pounds, several times the weight of a normal hedgehog. The article doesn't mention if there's a Body Mass Index recommended for hedgehogs, but explains that George had been gorging on easily-available greens and on bread that was meant for the birds.

George's nurse at the Centre explained his new catfood diet:
"We've got to reduce his weight and we've got to do it slowly. Cat food is high in protein and we're stopping him eating bread. So it's a bit like the Atkins diet."

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