Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Airplane Food

We flew from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam, and then on to Detroit in Delta One, a very pleasant way to fly. The seats recline to flat, and though they aren't wide, they are definitely extremely more comfortable than economy seats with no room to stretch at all. The food is also pretty good. My only problem was that the tray table was stuck in its little niche, and after several flight attendants had failed to release it, finally they called a big Chicago Irish steward from the back of the plane. He was very happy to do it, though it never quite went back into its slot.

The appetizer tray. The Thai coconut soup was very good. The "Ginger Marinated Prawns
with Cucumber Relish, Black Sesame Seeds, and Yuzu Mayonnaise" were not as
tasty as the description sounded.  The pumpkin seeds in the green salad were ok.
Beef Tenderloin: too well-done for my taste.
Dessert was an ice cream sundae with chocolate and strawberry sauce, not photo-worthy but enjoyable. I must have slept through the warm chocolate chip cookie snack because I never saw it other than on the very elegant menu printed on very heavy paper. No question: this was way better than any other food I've eaten on a plane recently, including better than in the first-class cabin from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam!

I have one or two more posts with photos from my long stay in Israel, and then I'll be back to my usual blogging!


Beth F said...

Looks like a step above in airplane food!

A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Glad you didn't have to make such a long trip in coach section. Welcome home.

Claudia said...

Not too bad for plane food. And having enough room for your feet helps on a long flight.

Marg said...

Definitely looks better than the food we had on our last long haul flight. Just about to do another long haul flight and not sure I am looking forward to the food!!

Tina said...

That's the way to fly, some comfort for a long flight! The food does indeed look wonderful, looking forward to more photos.