Monday, July 14, 2008

My temporary kitchen in Cambridge, England

Several years ago, we spent some time visiting Cambridge, England. We lived in an apartment building named Mordell Court, around half an hour bicycle ride from the Isaac Newton Institute where Len was working.

The kitchen was modern, basic, and I suspect typically English. For one thing, available working space was enlarged by the fact that the refrigerator was under the counter (to the left in the photo). Of course, this meant that some normal-sized containers wouldn't even fit into the refrigerator, and that one couldn't stock up on any perishable items. Nevertheless, I cooked quite happily while we were living here.

For completeness, I'm including photos of the outside of the building and the living room:


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Sometimes small kitchens are much better thought out. When you have endless space, you just buy the largest thing you can, and put it anywhere. In a small kitchen everything has to have a purpose.

Jen said...

This seems similar to many Soviet kitchens I saw while living there. I like the smaller fridge - it forces shopping at the local market each day.