Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eating Local Foods

For breakfast this morning we had blueberries from yesterday's trip to the Farmers Market. Lunch yesterday was buttered corn and a plate of sliced tomatoes and radishes, all from the market. Dinner: a tabouli salad that used parsley and tomatoes from the market, and some French-style eggs with mayo. We also snacked on red and yellow cherries from Traverse City via the market.

(Full disclosure: we ate the cherries with home made brownies while watching 6 of the 12 episodes of the rediscovered Gene Autry sci-fi series "The Phantom Empire," from 1935. Autry and other cowboys from Radio Ranch meet the inhabitants of the deep-underground Empire Murania, including robots in tin fedoras. The cowboys defeat both the underground enemies and a group of evil scientists trying to obtain Murania's valuable radium supplies.)

Still to be eaten this week: peas, lettuce, and the first peaches of the year. And there were so many things we didn't buy!


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I've been getting gigantic blueberries from the farmers' markets, too -- and one invitation to pick wild blueberries on a friend's farm. I'm not a jam lover, so I need to eat them fresh -- or freeze them. I lay them out on a baking sheet, freeze, then package into plastic bags.

Jen said...

This is certainly a wonderful time for eating fresh and local! We had local green bean salad last night and a chicken that was slaughtered on Friday. I also made a black currant cake from the last week of market currants. I'm about to have market blueberries and cherries for breakfast.

We watched almost the opposite this weekend - we rented episodes of "Eureka" which is about a modern, top-secret town of scientists who work on projects for industry and for the government.